Our selection for executive jets

Secure the best quality and service for your flight. Professional, uncomplicated and quick.

Choose your desired dishes from our varied selection and order directly using our order form. We are available around the clock and deliver 4 hours at the latest after your order. Our quickly responsive service is specially attuned to the requirements of private airlines. Flexible, reliable and punctual.

We can of course also go beyond our standard range to provide any special culinary requests or a customised selection of special dishes. Contact us, we are available to answer any queries around the clock.

Ready to Serve

For simple, uncomplicated onboard handling we deliver our products in ready to serve trays only needing to be unpacked, warmed if required and served.

Ready for Take off

Supervised delivery to your aircraft is in fully equipped atlas containers to fit into the standard flight kitchen niches.
Our products are completely optimised for on board convenience for simple, uncomplicated handling. 

Every order comes with an extensive handbook depicting each product with details by weight and piece, for hot dishes you additionally receive detailed pre-plating instructions as a step by step guide to preparing the dishes.

Please visit our service page to download our folders and fact-sheets

Deli Sky 
Order your jet catering through our partner DeliSky or directly through us!
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Please visit our service page to download our folders and fact-sheets.Downloads

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